Type of glue

The type of glue is divided in our four technologies, which all provide specific advantages. Waterborne adhesives can provide high peel-values for indoor-use at competetive pricelevels. Solventborne adhesives provide superior mechanical properties like high peel and shear even at elevated temperature and for outdoor-use. If they are made of pure acrylics, they also perform well under UV-irradiation. Hotmelts are the most cost effective products with high waterresistance and good mechanical properties at roomtemperature. Direct UV irradiation and elevated temperatures are critical for those products. The last group, the UV-Acrylics combine good mechanical properties and ease of production while maintaining good mechanical values even at elevated temperatures. They are stable in contact with water and, if not resin modified, also against UV-light.

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The company VITO Irmen

visions in tapes
The company of Vito specializes in the production of adhesive tapes for a wide range of applications. With our individual solutions we support our customers in optimizing their processes and improving their products. Whether it's sealing, dampening, protecting, storing soft, mounting, insulating or keeping it off - our products are reliable and innovative. A promise our customers have relied on for over 100 years.

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